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Stay Safe with our Land
Remediation and Decontamination Experts

H.E.S Group provides professional land remediation and decontamination services. We can help you ensure your site is ready for development.

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Specialised Land Remediation Services

The construction industry is now very aware of the potential impact of the environment on our health and wellbeing. Any potential development site should be thoroughly inspected for potential pollution or contaminants from groundwater, soil or surface water. H.E.S Group can provide you with professional land remediation services that will ensure any site is completely safe for development. Contact Us to discuss how our land remediation and decontamination services can ensure your site is safe.

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Is Your Site Safe?

Local authorities are usually responsible for making sure that potentially contaminated sites are assessed when planning applications are made. Contamination sources are not always obvious. Typical examples of contamination sources include old pits or cellars filled with polluted material and piles of rotting rubbish that produce methane and other gases. Rebuilding on damaged sites or old industrial complexes is often done without considering the harmful chemicals that may be present.

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Expert Decontamination Services

H.E.S Group can provide you with comprehensive land remediation and decontamination services for sites of any type or size. Our experts use the latest techniques to ensure that your land will be returned to a usable condition as quickly as possible. Based in Southampton, we work with companies throughout the South of England and have regional offices in Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Cardiff and London.


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