Gold Site Award

H.E.S Received a Gold Award for Site Standards

We’re thrilled to announce that Hampshire Environmental Services H.E.S Received a Gold Award for Site Standards from the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA). Certainly, this recognition underscores our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in asbestos removal projects.

ARCA supports asbestos removal contractors for over 40 years, aiming for professionalism and industry excellence. Accordingly, H.E.S winning the Gold Site Audit Award is crucial for these reasons:

Commitment to Standards and Professionalism: ARCA dedicates itself to high standards, assuring clients. Of course this commitment is seen in continuous efforts to improve industry practices.

Credibility and Industry Impact: Established in 1980, ARCA gained credibility with HSE, government bodies, and local authorities. Consequently this reflects positively on H.E.S as an ARCA member.

Site Audit Accreditation Scheme: ARCA’s Scheme challenges contractors, like H.E.S, to prove high on-site standards. This includes a commitment to 4 unannounced site audits yearly, showing a proactive approach to excellence.

Gold Award Criteria: H.E.S achieved Grades A to C, averaging at least a B Grade, on unannounced site audits over two years for the Gold Award. Certainly achieving this stringent criteria showcases our dedication to excellence.

Receiving the Gold Award from ARCA is a testament to H.E.S’s commitment to high asbestos removal standards. We’re committed and remain dedicated to upholding these standards in all projects.

H.E.S - ARCA Gold Award

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