Asbestos Removal Eastleigh

Ensuring Safe Asbestos Removal in Eastleigh

Hampshire Environmental Services, H.E.S, is your trusted partner for tailored environmental solutions. This article offers an inside look at one of our recent asbestos removal projects in Eastleigh, highlighting our commitment to safety and responsibility. As a licensed asbestos removal contractor, and member of the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA), our asbestos removal process adheres to stringent industry guidelines and regulations throughout.

Before commencing other works, our team set up a self-contained decontamination unit (DCU) in accordance with the plan. For this project, upon completion of the enclosure, the DCU is connected directly to it, creating a fully contained environment for the asbestos removal.

Constructing the Asbestos Removal Enclosure

Prior to asbestos removal works, our team constructs a robust enclosure to facilitate safe and contained procedures. This enclosure is strategically designed based on site specifications, using durable materials including timber, polythene sheeting, tape, and more.

Additionally, we assemble a modular airlock and baglock system made of steel frames and heavy-duty polythene. This airlock connects directly to the enclosure to enable smooth transfer of required equipment and materials in and out of the workspace.

Negative Pressure

Our team sets up a specialized negative air pressure unit (NPU) to the wall of the enclosure, which maintains constant negative airflow at regulated levels. The NPU extraction point is strategically located to vent to external atmosphere and avoid worker proximity when operating.

Additionally, prior to removal works, regular supervisor checks ensure the NPU operates at the required airflow level. Continuous monitoring persists for the entire duration of removal activities.

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Verifying Enclosure Integrity

Upon completion of the set up, supervisors thoroughly inspect the enclosure to guarantee airtightness. After a visual check of the polythene sheeting, joints, and other integral structures, we conduct a smoke test. Any identified leaks are promptly sealed with spray tack and tape to achieve the necessary leak-free environment.

Asbestos Removal

Finally, experienced technicians progress through the contained workspace to safely remove the identified materials. They utilize specialized tools, personal protective equipment, and predetermined removal techniques based on material type. Waste is sealed into UN approved waste bags prior to passing through the baglock and into lockable asbestos containers for proper disposal.

Our Commitment to Safety and Responsibility

Through considerable planning, robust enclosures, stringent protocols, and more – H.E.S remains devoted to responsible asbestos removal practices. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive environmental services.

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